Your Ultimate Routine for Beauty Sleep
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Your Ultimate Routine for Beauty Sleep

Let’s face it — between the stresses of work and life that come our way, getting a full night of sleep isn’t always easy to come by (even though by now we sure know the importance of quality shut eye!). Beyond better focus and more energy, sleep can give you that fresh healthy glow we all strive for to face down the day. 

So how can we prepare for a night of sweet slumber? Set yourself up for successful, restful sleep — along with glowing skin — with our ultimate beauty sleep routine. 


Leading up to bedtime, hit the pause button and shake off your day. Don your favorite PJs, make yourself a cup of (non caffeinated) tea, and cozy up on the couch — basically do whatever you need to do to start to communicate to your body hey, let’s calm it down, the day is done. 

Wind down isn’t the time to answer more emails, check your Instagram DMs, or start a new Netflix series. Instead, try reaching for a good book or magazine, or cuddle up to a loved one. Meditation is another great activity to help switch on the snooze button in your mind. Find a guided meditation (there are plenty of apps and even free resources on YouTube to follow) or just sit quietly and comfortably for some deep, relaxing breathing. You don’t need hours for this — even five to ten minutes can invite just the calm and mental clarity you need. 

If you have a lot on your mind from the day and meditation just isn’t for you, journaling is an effective way to get it all out of your head and onto paper to sort out later. 


Screens and the blue light they emit can actually disrupt our natural production of melatonin, and therefore our sleep schedule. Turn off the TV, cease the Instagram scrolling and texting convos, shut down the computer, and silence your phone within the hour leading up to bed to avoid not only the mental stimulation of technology, but the stress the outside world can sometimes rise in us just as we’re trying to wind down.

Oh, and consider investing in an old-school alarm clock and kick your phone out of the bedroom for an uninterrupted night of rest. At the very least, set it to “Do Not Disturb” mode.


If you’re like many and at times find quality shut-eye difficult to come by, prepare your mind AND body to drift off to dreamland with the brand new Uleva Extra Strength Sleep CBD capsules. These CBD capsules work overtime to help you fall — and actually STAY — asleep with time-released melatonin. Melatonin is a naturally-occurring hormone that regulates our body’s sleep rhythm. While many take melatonin to help them fall asleep, Uleva’s new Extra Strength capsules harness time-release technology to help you keep sleeping throughout the night. It combines two-and-a-half times the amount of CBD and four times as much melatonin as the regular Uleva Sleep capsules to take down even the most restless among us. 

For a lighter option, Uleva Sleep Capsules combine a lower dose of CBD and melatonin to help lead you toward sweeter dreams, or forego the melatonin and opt for a CBD tincture to help support your body’s balance before bed.


Now that your mind is ready for bed, it’s time to catch the body up. There’s the standard brush your teeth and wash your face! system we’ve been doing since we were in middle school, but (especially as we get older and wiser!) taking care of the skin we’re in is of utmost importance. Developing a simple bedtime skincare routine helps us wind down in the evening and keeps our skin glowing for years to come.

After gently washing your face to remove the day’s residue, it’s time to reach for the lotion. Immediate moisture. Continued hydration. Natural radiance. These are just a few things we expect from our skin creams. Enter Uleva’s Nighttime Facial Cream

This light, silky-smooth cream is formulated with premium quality CBD from hemp and harnesses the skin-loving combination of hyaluronic acid, B-vitamins, aloe, vitamin C, and vitamin E to help give your skin that beautiful glow upon rising. It has a calming blend of lavender and Paeonia flower to help nourish and pamper your skin — along with some soothing herbal scents — so you can wake up to a fresher, brighter morning. 


Turn down the A/C, slip into bed, and let your head hit the pillow. If counting sheep is keeping you up, try reading a light book or practicing deep breathing until your eyelids begin to droop. 

Each person’s bedtime routine will look a little different. Find what works for you then stick to it until it becomes a habit. Before you know it, you’ll be waking up refreshed and ready to greet the day, every day. Glow on!

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