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What To Pack In Your Carryon For A Stress-Free Flight
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What To Pack In Your Carryon For A Stress-Free Flight

It’s time to take flight! The return to travel is here and we couldn’t be more thrilled — summer beach vacations and sweet reunions are on our mind. But if you’re like many of us and haven’t taken to the skies in a year or more, don’t let the stress of flying weigh your vacation plans down. Your solution? A carefully curated travel bag stocked with supportive essentials.

Here’s our ultimate carryon packing list sure to help banish travel stress so you can arrive safe, sound, and ready to dive right into the fun stuff.


Rather than waiting until you land for your relaxing vacation to begin, start it on the plane. Whether the flight is a couple hours (or a few more!) prepare yourself to unwind while you’re still a mile high. Ear plugs or noise canceling headphones help to drown out chatty neighbors, unhappy babies, and jarring plane noises, letting you either drift off to dreamland or focus better on your book. For longer flights, or if you know you’ll be needing a nap, an eye mask keeps ambient light out when your seatmate’s window shade is up.

Take your de-stressing to the next level with our must-have, Uleva Relax. Crafted with a blend of CBD and ashwagandha, an herb known for its stress-easing properties and balanced mood support, it just may be the internal comfort blanket you need to fully kick back. Ashwagandha has been used for a variety of health benefits for thousands of years in eastern cultures, touted for its calming effects on the body. Paired with CBD, this powerful duo can help you keep calm and travel on.


Stay fresh during the flight with a travel toothbrush and toothpaste tucked away in your carryon. Trust us, you’ll feel so much better upon landing if you’ve been able to get rid of lingering pretzel dust! Toss lotion and lip balm in your kit too to keep your skin moisturized in the dry cabin air. Stay hydrated and BYO water bottle — just be sure to empty it out before going through security. Many airports now have water bottle fill-up stations by the gates, but if not, don’t shy away from asking your flight attendant to top you off.

And here’s a top tip: Prescription medications  are best kept in your carryon for better accessibility, not to mention it will prevent you from having to worry about not having them in your possession should there be an issue with your checked baggage.


Arrive in style by packing a new set of clothes in your carryon. That way, you can emerge feeling refreshed and renewed in some new duds rather than stepping into your vacation in a rumpled and travel-stained outfit. This is especially key if you’re arriving at a destination with warmer weather. Avoid having to wear your jeans or leggings after landing in Hawaii’s humidity by packing a pair of shorts and a T-shirt to change into before you disembark from the plane.

Bonus points: Have a bathing suit, a pair of PJs, and at least one outfit in your carryon so no unfortunate baggage delays rain on your vacation parade.


Don’t forget to bring a sweatshirt or travel blanket on the plane — we all know the A/C can turn arctic and quickly ruin your chance at truly relaxing or taking a nap. Do your feet a favor and grab a pair of comfy socks to keep your toes warm and cozy (especially if you opt for wearing sandals to your final destination).

Safe, stress-free travels!

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