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Top Wellness Trends to Try in 2022
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Top Wellness Trends to Try in 2022

New year. Fresh start. 2022 swept in with new hope—and a plethora of potential goals and accomplishments once the clock struck midnight on December 31st: Lose weight. Sleep more, stress less. Actually use those vacation days. Cook at home four times a week. Read thirty books and watch less Netflix. Stop scrolling social media and spend more time at the dinner table with family. Whew. Let’s face it. The pressure of pending resolutions alone is enough to be exhausting.

Instead of setting your sights on one single (or okay, many) self-improvement suggestions, turn your focus on instead creating a more health-conscious lifestyle that will become second nature by next year’s end. So before you dive into your resolutions (often forgotten, discarded, or broken by mid-February), think instead about incorporating these top wellness trends into your lifestyle and routines for a healthy, happy you in 2022. 


With the way these past two years have gone, it’s no wonder we’re all seeking the secrets to good health in 2022. There’s more we can do, lifestyle-wise, to support our immunity—no magic vitamins required. The first step? Get more quality sleep! Set yourself up for snooze success with a solid sleep routine, consisting of winding down sans-screens earlier, participating in a relaxing activity like light yoga or meditation, and reading or journaling to quiet your mind. For extra help, Uleva Sleep Extra Strength is formulated with 12mg of melatonin, the hormone responsible for regulating the body’s circadian rhythm, and 2.5x the amount of body-balancing cannabinoids from hemp compared to regular Uleva Sleep for the sweetest of dreams.

Getting adequate exercise, even just 20 minutes of movement daily, can also help maintain your immune system—along with eating a diet rich in colorful fruits and vegetables to ensure your body is getting the vitamins and minerals it needs to keep you healthy and strong.


If there’s one takeaway we can run with from 2021, it is there is no place like the great outdoors. Getting outside of the stuffy home office or crowded gym and instead grounding in nature is one way to ease stress and support mental health we foresee trending well into the future. Not to mention, it is easy and affordable, too. Try taking phone meetings on-the-go while walking around the block, chase your pup around the dog park, head out for a hike, or road trip to a national park on your next three-day weekend. Even just a walk in the park can offer up a load of benefits.

Looking to end (or begin) your day on a good note? Pull up a picnic blanket on the beach (or lakeside or other viewpoint) to take in the sunset—or sunrise, all you early birds!—for a true display and wash of calm from Mother Nature herself. Now, breathe in that fresh air and watch your day get infinitely better.


Caring for ourselves and nurturing our mental wellbeing has never proven more important than now. In 2022, the trend of actually tracking our stress and its triggers is one trend that will make implementing self-care practices, and even controlling the beast itself, a bit easier. Smart watches offering heart rate and other vital sign tracking are making vast leaps in popularity for their ability to give you an inside look at what’s happening in your body in real time. Jotting observations down in a notebook or even the Notes app on your phone are also great ways to track your feels throughout the day, seeking out trends and similarities so you can pinpoint what sets you off—and how to better ease your stress. 

One of our favorite ways to treat our minds and bodies well? Hemp. Hemp is known to encourage homeostasis, helping you keep calm and carry on throughout whatever your schedule presents. Uleva’s Hemp oil tincture provides 50mg of high-quality cannabinoids in an unflavored oil form, perfect for getting your daily dose. 


Dry January. Sober October. Not drinking during the week. Many of us are planning on entering the year with a better relationship with alcohol, not a mere one month avoidance. While a large pour of wine may seem like the easiest way to cope with the woes of the world, our waistlines, mental health, and wallets are suffering from the increased consumption seen over the past two years. Many are adopting the trend of mindful drinking in 2022, which is based on creating a healthier relationship with alcohol and ultimately cutting down on your consumption. 

Mindful drinking is really all about awareness, and rules you make yourself, for yourself. Start with simply asking Why do I want this? the next time you’re pouring a glass. Bringing understanding to when and why you reach for the bottle can help reveal the ways in which you cope with emotions or stress, guiding you to create healthier practices and decisions. Next, make your own set of guidelines, which can include imbibing only at special occasions, limiting the number of bevvies consumed while you’re out or during the week, investing in higher quality liquors made for true sipping enjoyment, or even abstaining all together. 

Seeking stress relief? A hemp supplement blend may be a good option to consider. Uleva Relax hemp capsules are formulated with ashwagandha, an herb utilized in Eastern cultures for thousands of years and known for its stress-easing properties and balanced mood support. Now sit back, and relax.


Rather than packing vacations full of sightseeing and to-dos, the trend of slower travel is in. Transform your trip with a focus on wellbeing so you don’t feel like you need a vacation from your vacation upon your return back home. While on your trip, select and schedule only a few must-do activities, setting aside a day or afternoon here or there for spontaneity or kicking back beach-, pool-, or fireside.

For super health-focused travel, seek out wellness retreats designed around fitness and relaxation with guest speakers and activities tailored to your area of interest. There’s something for everyone out there, from yoga retreats in Costa Rica to spa vacations in Arizona. Or, choose to build your own. Rent an Airbnb in a quiet, nature-rich location solo or with a good friend or partner. Cook healthy meals, read a book, journal, be active, sleep in—whatever you need to come back feeling refreshed. 

Psst! Toss a bottle of 25mg hemp capsules into your carryon bag. They travel easy and can help keep you balanced while on-the-go, without the risk of spilled oil tinctures. Check out the rest of our packing list for stress-free travel before you head out the door.

Wishing you wellness in 2022! Happy New Year.


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