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The Many Forms of Hemp
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By now you’ve probably heard about hemp and its host of health benefits. What you might not have heard are all the ways you can enjoy it. From face creams to cocktails, to everything in between, we’ve put together a list of all the ways you can enjoy your new favorite product.

Face Cream
This isn’t your mother’s cold cream. Used to ward off dryness and enhance your natural glow, hemp extract-infused face cream could be your new favorite beauty product.

Hemp extract is naturally rich in nutrients, proteins, essential oils, and vitamin E, so it’s not surprising that when added to a shampoo, it leaves dry hair feeling renewed. 

Coffee, cocktails, and sparkling water have all jumped onto the hemp extract train. So whether you’re looking to kick off your day, or unwind after work, there’s a drink that’s perfect for you.

One of the simpler ways to get your daily dose of hemp extract is in capsule form, with a supplement such as Uleva™. Capsules are generally preferred because of their uniform dosage control and ease of ingestion.

Ready to kick off your hemp extract relationship with the perfect capsule? Check out Uleva’s full roster of supplements here.

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