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The Best Time to Take a Hemp Oil Tincture
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The Best Time to Take a Hemp Oil Tincture

Hemp comes in many forms, from hemp capsules to topicals to skincare to oils. It can be tough to decipher which hemp product is best for you. If you’re in need of a little something to supplement your day, Uleva’s Hemp Oil Tincture is your new BFF. Oil tinctures are a versatile way to ingest hemp, giving you options on when and how to take it to best suit your needs.

When swallowed, the hemp oil tincture, which are cannabinoids blended into an oil, can help support your body’s natural balance by interacting with your endocannabinoid system. With each dose of Uleva’s oil tincture packing 50mg of cannabinoids delivered in MCT oil from coconuts, it’s a convenient way to give your body a bit more support by delivering a higher dose of hemp when you need it most. Uleva’s Hemp Oil Tincture is made with US-grown, non-GMO hemp, cultivated without pesticides or herbicides—so you can feel good about what you put into your body. Not to mention, the little bottle tucks neatly into any bag for when you’re on the go.

So when should you take your hemp oil tincture? Here are just a few scenarios where some extra Uleva lovin’ can help keep you balanced—plus, additional tips on how to stack your daily habits to easily incorporate hemp into your wellness routine.


When gearing up for your day, try a dropper-full of hemp oil tincture alongside your morning coffee or tea. Since Uleva’s oil tincture is unflavored, it won’t leave any fruity aftertaste in your mouth—so you can have your coffee and drink it too. This easy step can help set you up for a productive day, and pairing hemp with your daily coffee ritual creates an easy-to-remember healthy habit benefitting your mind and body. Start your day off on the right, well-balanced foot.


Your email is chiming, projects are stacking up, your boss wants that one thing done yesterday—not to mention you’ve been on Zoom meetings for the past two hours. Some days just seem to throw it all our way. Instead of reaching for your fourth coffee of the day, pause for an afternoon hemp break during your lunch hour. Taking brief breaks throughout your workday to stretch, eat a meal (away from your computer screen!), or get some movement in can assist you in keeping your focus so you can truly own it. Pair your hemp oil tincture with your lunchtime to find some extra zen. Now show ‘em who’s boss.


Sweaty, satisfied, sore…just another day at the gym. If you tend to reach for your protein shake after every workout, why not try a dose of hemp as well? Known for helping the body maintain homeostasis, your hemp oil tincture can be a good part of your post-workout ritual. Just don’t forget to stretch and hydrate as well.


Now that the world is opening up once more, getting out there, navigating the airport, and hopping on a plane may feel a bit foreign. If you tend to feel more stressed battling security lines, racing to gates, and worrying about missed connections, a dose of hemp may be what you need (along with giving yourself ample time to get to your gate). Don’t let the fear of returning to flying keep you grounded. You more than deserve that vacation or reunion!


By now we all know the benefits of a quality night of shut-eye: it helps us process and retain information we learned, keep focused, and have higher productivity and energy levels the next day, to name a few. Who doesn’t wake up feeling like a rockstar after a solid and refreshing night’s rest? We have several tips on how to be a champion sleeper, but one of our favorite rituals for winding down involves a dose of hemp oil tincture as the sun dips below the horizon. Take advantage of hemp’s balancing properties during your own bedtime routine along with some deep breathing or meditation, a soothing Epsom salt bath, calm music, and reading (preferably with your phone on silent and screens outside of the bedroom).

Uleva’s hemp oil tincture may just be the versatile balancer you need for multiple areas of your day. Tuck it into your bag, take it with you when you go, and get back out there—the world is waiting.

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