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Simple Ways To Keep Your Focus Today
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Simple Ways To Keep Your Focus Today

Your phone buzzes, email notifications chime, a Zoom meeting is about to start, and your dog is barking at the door — again. With more distractions fighting for our attention than ever (and all of seemingly equal importance!), how are we ever supposed to get the task at hand done? But with a deadline looming, what you really need is to get in the zone.

Thankfully there are a few simple tips you can implement today to take your concentration up a notch and tackle the day ahead.


When was the last time you glued yourself to your chair and worked for eight hours straight, with amazing results? Chances are…never. We humans are battling continuously shortening attention spans in the age of technological advancements, instant gratification, and social media. It’s far too easy to jump from email to Instagram to phone meetings (or all three at the same time). But in reality, staying put until your work is done is actually counterintuitive when it comes to our productivity levels.

Instead of simply powering through your projects, pausing for a short break for ten minutes or so every hour does wonders to reset and refresh your mind. Stand up. Stretch it out. Go to the kitchen for a glass of water. Or better yet, step outside for a short walk in the sunshine for a total-body revival as well. Setting a timer every 45 to 50 minutes can help cue you on when to take a pause.


If you’re looking for some extra help in the focus support department, fear not. Enter Uleva Focus. Formulated with hemp, ginseng, lion’s mane mushroom, spearmint, and ginkgo biloba, it’s a curated blend to help support cognitive function—so you can tackle that to-do list in nothing flat. And, it comes in convenient capsules so it’s easy to tuck into your backpack or desk drawer for some on-the-go SOS.

Lion’s mane, a mushroom, is frequently touted for supporting cognitive function and focus. Ginseng and ginkgo biloba work in unison to also help support brain function. Combined with hemp in Uleva Focus, it’s an herbal knockout for staying sharp.


Nature works wonders for our mind, body, and soul—just think about that post-hike feel, or the sun-drenched relaxation your body slips into after a day at the beach. Good news is, even if you don’t have a week of vacation time, nature can still do its thing to benefit your body and your focus. In fact, a study from the University of Edinburgh    discovered going for even just a brief walk in a natural environment, greenspace, or park can ease brain fatigue, restore concentration, and sharpen thinking.

Try waking up a half an hour earlier to go for a walk before you begin work and start your day on the right foot (literally). Take your lunch to the park for a picnic, sit in the sand at the beach to watch the sunset, or plan a weekend camping trip this summer. Watch the benefits flow in like a breath of fresh air.


We all know by now the importance of those zzz’s. Getting quality sleep may be the number one solution for maintaining optimal health, and focus is no exception. Studies show people who receive 8 – 9 hours of sleep each night are generally more productive and experience better concentration and memory retention than those who fall short on sleep   .

If you’re having occasional issues sleeping, be sure to read our top tips to set yourself up for a good night’s sleep and check out Uleva Sleep. These capsules combine snooze cycle-regulating melatonin with hemp’s balancing properties, helping to set you up the high quality rest you need.

Life is too short to be spent ping-ponging between distractions. Take the time to recenter and refocus—now watch that to-do list practically check itself off.

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