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Hit Reset with the Uleva CBD Starter Pack for Energy and Sleep
Hit Reset with the Uleva CBD Starter Pack
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Hit Reset with the Uleva CBD Starter Pack for Energy and Sleep

The formula to a balanced, healthy lifestyle is simple: Work. Play. Sleep. Repeat.

But simple does not always mean easy. If it did, we probably wouldn’t be here talking about the best energy and sleep supplements.

The fact is that sleep cycles and energy levels are intrinsically connected — and it doesn’t take much to disrupt the delicate balance. Any shift in daily routine can throw off your game.

Fortunately, CBD has been found to help the body maintain a stable internal state despite changes in external circumstances. The Uleva CBD Starter Pack combines the balance-promoting properties of CBD with the energy-restoring powers of green tea extract and the sleep-regulating benefits of the best melatonin to get you back on track after disruptions like these:

Life Stressors

Worry and stress can keep anyone awake at night. From concerns about the state of the economy and your finances to fears about the health and welfare of loved ones, there is no shortage of scary thoughts that can pop up to cause occasional sleep problems. Uleva Fuel helps boost energy in the morning, while taking a Uleva Sleep prior to bedtime sets you up for a more restful night.

Daylight Saving Time

When it comes to circadian rhythms, just one hour’s time change can make a world of difference. We stay up later at night. Wake up groggier in the morning. And drink more coffee in the afternoon. Which leads to staying up later at night, waking up groggier in the…well, you get the picture. Uleva CBD Starter Pack helps stop this frustrating cycle with a 7-day supply of CBD with green tea extract capsules and CBD with melatonin capsules that will help you get to bed earlier, wake up fresher, and get through your day more energized (685 cups of coffee not required).

Jet Lag

If you’re wondering how long it takes to recover from jet lag, the answer depends entirely on how you prepare. Fending off the sleeplessness and fatigue associated with crossing time zones doesn’t have to be rocket science. First, get plenty of sleep before your flight by taking Uleva Sleep with melatonin for jet lag preparedness. Then take a Uleva Fuel upon arrival at your destination. A perfect combination of CBD and high-quality green tea, Uleva Fuel will help you avoid crashing, so you can stay up until the sun goes down and help your circadian rhythm readjust.

Change in Schedule

Whether it’s a new job or a new baby or a new exercise routine, a shift in schedule can take a lot of getting used to and can deplete your energy level in the process. Rather than reaching for an energy drink that will only keep you up into the wee hours, you can make sustainable adjustments with the help of CBD. When combined with melatonin or green tea, CBD supplements are the healthy way to ease your body into the new routine.

A Breakup

No two ways about it, breaking up is hard to do. The emotional toll of saying good-bye is bad enough, but then there are the residual effects. The questionable choices. The morning hangovers. The trash TV marathons. Suffice to say, none of these “tonics” are going to heal a broken heart. If anything, our knee-jerk reaction to coping with stress after a breakup is usually counterproductive. Instead, implement self-care measures like getting plenty of sleep and endorphin-releasing exercise to help you feel strong enough to get through this challenging time.

They say the only constant in life is change — get help adjusting with the Uleva CBD Starter Pack. It’s a perfect introduction to CBD as well as a compact solution for your life on-the-go.

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