Fuel Your New Year with CBD
Fuel your new year resolutions
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Fuel Your New Year with CBD

Congratulations! You’ve survived the holiday rush AND your annual New Year’s Eve party. You shopped for gifts, you sent out cards, you cooked, you cleaned, you even hung up decorations. Chances are, you’re exhausted. If the start of 2020 has got you feeling more like hibernating than sticking to your New Year’s resolutions list, join the club. Fortunately, advances in dietary supplements like Uleva Fuel are making it easier than ever to go from goal setting to goal getting and fueling your new year.

Formulated with CBD and green tea extract, Uleva Fuel fuses the benefits of two potent herbal ingredients to give you the boost you need to jump-start your best life and fuel your new year. Known to support the body’s endocannabinoid system, CBD encourages homeostasis, your body’s ability to maintain internal balance and physical well-being. Meanwhile, green tea extract is rich in L-theanine and caffeine, which work together to deliver the energy of coffee without the jittery feeling and caffeine crash that often come with it.*

Offering 100 mg of premium full spectrum hemp extract (including 10 mg of CBD) and 50 mg of caffeine per capsule, Uleva Fuel can help provide the sustained energy and balance necessary to power through New Year’s resolutions like:

1. Getting Fit

It never fails. Every January, we face the results of holiday party season and resolve to get in shape. For a while, gyms see a spike in new memberships. Attendance rates rise. But by mid-February, things are pretty much back to normal. Uleva Fuel can help you avoid falling off the wagon by giving you the lift you need to actually get to the gym. As the saying goes, 80 percent of success is just showing up.

2. Working Smarter

You know the drill: you get to the office, you check your emails, and boom—it’s lunchtime and you have yet to make a dent in that PowerPoint presentation due tomorrow. Instead of burning the midnight oil, fuel your new year by taking a Uleva Fuel and watch as green tea extract benefits such as sustained attention and memory and suppression of distraction give you the focus you need to get the job done in plenty of time for that family dinner.*

3. Quitting Coffee

Love the quick pick-me-up you get from coffee but not the caffeine jitters that come with it? Thanks to green tea’s ability to deliver a lasting energy boost and lower levels of caffeine, Uleva Fuel is the ideal coffee alternative.*

4. Being More Active

If you’re a ski lover, any resolution that involves the great outdoors isn’t too hard to keep. Or is it? Occasional fatigue and inertia can make even hitting the slopes feel like a chore. Don’t let those lift tickets go to waste. One Uleva Fuel capsule can help you forget all about keeping it cozy and remember your need for speed.

5. Making the Grade

The end of winter break usually comes as a rude awakening. After weeks away from studying and deadlines, there’s nothing like some early morning college classes, late-night cram sessions and 10-page research papers to throw your system completely out of whack. Delivering a powerful combination of CBD and green tea benefits, Uleva Fuel helps you rule the school by restoring your body to a balanced state while taking your focus, energy, and performance to the next level.* Add it to your list of college essentials, stat!

Don’t see your resolution on the list? Here’s a pro tip: If your New Year goals call for a physical or mental energy boost, you can’t go wrong with Uleva Fuel—it’s a total game changer.*


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