What is hemp and how does it work?

Hemp is a plant that has been cultivated all over the world for hundreds of years. It is a valuable and versatile herb with many uses. Hemp contains naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, which are nutrients that may help support your body’s internal endocannabinoid system.* This interaction may help to support your internal balance, also known as homeostasis.*

Is there a difference between hemp and marijuana?

While both are obtained from Cannabis sativa, they feature different ratios of key phytocompounds. The primary phytocompound in marijuana is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is what people normally associate with the mind-altering effects of the plant. Agricultural hemp contains almost no THC, but contains many other compounds that are beneficial–and legal–in hemp extract. By law, hemp extract must not contain more than 0.3% THC. Our products are thoroughly tested and documented to meet this requirement.

What can I expect to feel with hemp and CBD?

People report different effects from hemp and CBD, which makes it difficult to tell you how it will affect you. This also varies with the quantity that you take. We can tell you that that it will not give you feelings of intoxication or of being high.

How can hemp benefit me?

The benefits of hemp have been touted for generations. Traditional foods and supplements may not provide all the nutrition our body needs. Hemp may be the best way to easily provide support to your body’s natural endocannabinoid system.*

Are there side effects with hemp?

Hemp is widely considered safe for consumption. Like any supplement, it is best to consult your doctor before taking Uleva.

About Uleva

Does Uleva contain CBD?

Uleva Full Spectrum Hemp Extract is approximately 10% CBD.

How much CBD is in each capsule?

Our current capsules range from 10mg to 25mg of CBD. Uleva Sleep, Vitality and Relax contain 10mg per capsule, 300mg per bottle. Our higher dose Uleva CBD contains 25mg per capsule, 750mg per bottle. CBD is one of the naturally occurring components present in the full spectrum hemp extract in each Uleva capsule.

When can I expect to feel the benefits of Uleva?

A wide range of factors can contribute to how you personally experience Uleva. Therefore, like with any dietary supplement, each person will notice the effects of Uleva on different time tables. While everyone will feel the benefits differently, know that Uleva is designed to enhance your lifestyle.

Which Uleva blend is right for me?

First and foremost, we always recommend consulting your doctor before beginning any supplement regimen. Finding your perfect Uleva product begins with you considering which aspect of your life could be improved. Uleva offers you choice–featuring a variety of product options in simple, easy-to-choose categories. We are proud to have a product that will cater to your needs.

What is the best time of the day to take my Uleva supplement?

This depends on the specific Uleva product you wish to take. Uleva Sleep contains melatonin, which may produce drowsiness, so the best time to take this would be right before bedtime. Uleva Fuel contains premium green tea extract with a natural amount of caffeine. The best time to take this may be in the morning or before you need an extra boost. Each bottle of Uleva is carefully labeled with directions to help you decide when to take your supplement.

Should I take my Uleva supplement with food?

There is no need to take Uleva with food. Uleva was designed and formulated so that you, the customer, can take it with only water to wash down the capsule. As always, it is best to bring all questions and concerns to your doctor before taking Uleva, as they know your medical history and current medications better than anyone.

Can I take more than one Uleva supplement?

You may use more than one variety of Uleva. Keep in mind that certain combinations may not be the best pairing based on the secondary active ingredients. For instance, Uleva Sleep contains melatonin which may produce drowsiness. Uleva Fuel contains caffeine from green tea which may provide excess energy or alertness. These two varieties may not be great to take at the same time, since the effects of these active ingredients may conflict with each other. Before doing so, consult with your doctor to decide which combination would be best for you.

What form(s) does Uleva come in? How do you consume this product?

The Uleva brand has a number of different products available and currently in development. The Uleva capsules are oral dietary supplements which are intended to be swallowed with water.

How is Hemp/CBD absorbed in the body?

Uleva capsules are an oral dietary supplement which is swallowed with water and is digested and absorbed into the body just like any food or other dietary supplement.

Does Uleva have a taste/aftertaste?

Uleva capsules are meant to be swallowed with water, and not chewed. The capsule itself is tasteless, though there may be a slight herbal aroma depending on the secondary ingredient present in the sku you have chosen. This is normal.

Allergies, Ingredients, Medical Concerns

Is Uleva gluten free?

Uleva capsules are formulated to be gluten free.

Does Uleva contain any allergens?

It depends on which Uleva variety you choose. While most Uleva products are free of the 8 major allergens listed by the FDA, note that Uleva Flex contains glucosamine HCl which is sourced from crustacean shellfish. Each bottle of Uleva is carefully labeled with all the FDA-required allergen information that you need to decide which is right for you. If you have specific allergic concerns, please talk to your doctor about the ingredients listed on the Uleva label you wish to try.

Is the product suitable for vegetarians?

That depends on which type of Uleva capsules you select. Uleva Sleep, Relax, and Fuel are composed of completely vegetarian formulas, including the capsules.

Uleva Flex uses a vegetarian capsule, however, the formula contains ingredients with bovine and shellfish sources.

Is the product non-GMO?

Yes, all Uleva products are non-GMO.

Can I take Uleva with other medications?

Always consult with your doctor before taking any new dietary supplement, especially if you are taking other medications. Your doctor would be the best person to answer this question, as they know which medications you are taking, and they know your medical history.

Is Uleva THC free?

THC is a naturally occurring chemical in the hemp plant, but it appears in extremely low levels. By law, hemp extract must not contain more than 0.3% THC. Our products are thoroughly tested and documented to meet this requirement. This amount of THC is not enough to produce an intoxicating effect.

Is there any possible chance that I could fail a drug test?

The hemp in Uleva contains very small amounts of naturally occurring THC within legal limits (≤0.3%). Your risk of failing a drug test depends on several factors such as how often you take Uleva, the dosage size you take, if you are taking any other hemp/CBD/cannabis products, your height and weight, your nutrition, how sensitive the drug test is, etc. The best person to ask this question is your physician.

Will Uleva get me high?

The hemp in Uleva contains very small amounts of naturally occurring THC within legal limits (≤0.3%). If you follow the directions on the label, and are not taking other hemp/CBD/cannabis products, you will not get high from taking Uleva.

How much [melatonin, ashwaganda, green tea, etc.] is in each capsule? What is a normal dosage?

Each Uleva shows the amount of each active ingredient per capsule on the label and on the website. The secondary active ingredient in each, melatonin/ashwagandha/green tea, for example, are herbal and nutritive ingredients which do not have established Reference Daily Intakes (RDI) from the FDA. This is different from Vitamin C, which has a specific RDI that the FDA says we should ingest each day. What we can say about Uleva ingredients is that they are present at safe amounts and formulated to be effective when you take them.

How does the 50 mg of caffeine from Green Tea in Uleva Fuel compare to that in a cup of tea? Coffee?

A standard cup of brewed green tea will typically contain between 30 and 50 mg of caffeine. Your standard cup of coffee will typically contain around 95 mg of caffeine.


Where can I purchase Uleva?

Uleva is available for purchase at select stores throughout the country, check uleva.com/locations to find a store near you. Uleva is also available for purchase through our website, uleva.com/shop.

Are there any special offers for Uleva?

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