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5 Ways to Set Yourself Up for a Good Night’s Sleep
5 Ways to Set Yourself Up for a Good Night’s Sleep
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5 Ways to Set Yourself Up for a Good Night’s Sleep

We all know the importance of sleep. But why is a ticket to dreamland sometimes so hard to come by? Thankfully setting yourself up for a solid slumber doesn’t have to be complicated. From room design to routine, here are steps you can take to set yourself up for great sleep—tonight.


The first step to a restful night’s sleep is creating the perfect environment to invite the sheep to the pasture. We spend about a third of our life asleep, which means investing in your snooze set-up is more than worth it. High-quality, breathable sheets, a comfortable duvet, supportive pillows and mattress—they’re all necessary to inducing slumber.

But you don’t need to break the bank to find high-quality bedroom necessities. Check out discount retailers and big-box stores, as many of them now carry all the memory foam pillows and uber-soft sheets you could ever need. And with more affordable mattress companies getting into the boxed delivery game, there are plenty of options out there with soft, medium, and firm support mattresses to suit your body’s preferences.

Swap out your sheets according to the seasons. Breathable cotton and bamboo sheets will keep you cool in the summer, while flannel and jersey knit are cozy in the winter. And please, don’t forget to wash them, often—there really is nothing better than sliding under crisp, freshly-made covers at the end of a long day.


Now that your bed is made, take a look around. Does your room itself emit a relaxing vibe? Everything from the paint on your walls to the rugs on the floor can contribute to a better night of rest. Opt for calming color palettes featuring neutral whites, creams, gray, and even shades of blue, which is said to invite a feeling of calm.

Lighting also plays a big role. While a darkened room promotes better rest, pre-bedtime lighting makes a difference as too-bright lights can hinder the production of melatonin, a hormone responsible for facilitating sleep. Switch off overhead lights and swap out harsh bulbs with warmer, lower-wattage options, especially for bedside table lamps. Strings of fairy lights and LED candles add a zen-like glow to your space as well.

As for accessories, a fan for white noise or airflow can sometimes help the most restless among us—or just ask Alexa to play “sleep sounds” while you drift off.


Healthy habits during the day help us sleep better at night, and better sleep at night helps us stick to healthy habits during the day…and so the cycle goes. An exercise routine and healthy diet all play a huge role in how much shut-eye we receive.

Minimize caffeine during the day, especially before bed, as it is a stimulant. And though that glass of red wine may make you feel sleepy, alcohol actually impedes our bodies from getting good quality rest—so imbibe wisely.

For those nights you need a little more help to slip into slumber, enter Uleva Sleep. This blend combines the sleep cycle-regulating effects of melatonin with the balancing effects of  hemp, giving a swift one-two punch to restless nights. Take one capsule as needed about 30 minutes before bed to unwind and prepare your mind and body to drift off to dreamland.


Following a bedtime routine signals your mind sleep is around the corner. For example, the same structure of brushing your teeth, washing your face, changing into cozy PJs, and popping your Uleva Sleep can trigger your body’s sleep cycle to kick in. And instead of scrolling Instagram or watching Netflix before you drift off, kick tech out of the bedroom as the blue glare from screens can prevent melatonin production and keep us awake. Put your phone on its own bedtime mode and pick up a book or magazine instead, or listen to a soothing podcast or audiobook. Of course, no routine is one-size-fits-all—personalize yours to what feels good and works for you.

Whatever your routine is, remember consistency is key. Stick to it! Though it can be tempting to stay up late and sleep in later on the weekends, keeping a fixed wakeup time every day of the week is crucial for optimal rest night after night by keeping your body in a rhythm.


While you’re creating your own sleep-inducing environment and routine, track your progress—collecting data along the way gives you valuable insight into what is working and what needs to change. In the morning, quickly journal how the night before went, and anything you noticed from the day: Did you fall asleep quickly? Or did you toss and turn? Did you eat or drink anything differently, or have caffeine too close to bedtime? How was your workout and at what time?

There are also plenty of wearable tech and phone and smartwatch apps out there to help you gather intel so you can further customize your sleep schedule, routine, and lifestyle. Before you know it, you’ll be sleeping better night after night—leaving you feeling better day after day.

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