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4 Ways to Stay Healthy with Uleva
Stay healthy with CBD
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4 Ways to Stay Healthy with Uleva

How to Support Your Immune System

With most everything out of our control these days, we’re focusing on a few things we can manage: Getting good sleep, taking time to de-stress, and more, all of which can contribute to maintaining a healthy immune system when it matters most.

At a time like this, Uleva CBD supplements can be your new BFF. By combining CBD with powerful active ingredients, Uleva can help you support your immune system function with:

1. Regular Sleep

Good quality sleep is the first line of support for a healthy immune system. Uleva Sleep blends the sleep-cycle regulating effects of melatonin with the balance-promoting properties of CBD to help you get the 7 to 9 hours you need to maintain strong immunity.

2. Stress Management

Uleva Relax is a great way to give yourself a leg up when it comes to handling the myriad challenges that go hand in hand with being stuck at home. For instance, while prolonged proximity to family members may sound wonderful in theory, the reality may fall short of a dream come true — especially when said family members are demanding a constant stream of food and entertainment while you’re trying to WFH. With its carefully crafted blend of CBD and calming ashwagandha, Uleva Relax can help relieve stress, which can support immune system function during this trying time.

3. Digestive Support

When you’re sheltering in place with nothing but Netflix and Hulu to sustain you, the siren song of Ben and Jerry’s may be hard to resist. That’s where Uleva Digest can come in handy. Made with CBD and ginger, this supplement is a great way to soothe digestive issues from your stockpiles of processed food.

4. Regular Exercise

When we exercise, our bodies release endorphins, giving us a natural high. But that’s not all that happens: endorphins also help support immune function, so if you’ve shifted into full-blown couch potato mode since your gym shut down, it’s time to get off the sofa, dust off those Oreo crumbs, throw on your leggings, and start thinking about the many group fitness classes now streaming online. Oh, and don’t forget to take Uleva Flex with glucosamine and chondroitin to support healthy joints and help you get your move on. Uleva Fuel, with green tea extract, can also give you that extra energy boost you need to tackle some burpees.

These days, leading a healthy lifestyle is more important than ever — and the right supplements can play a part. Visit our store today to discover how Uleva combines CBD with potent herbal and nutritive ingredients to help you keep calm and stay healthy.

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